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Yourambulla Caves. (24 December 2010)

contributed by DerrickJessop
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Yourambulla Caves Cave 1 graffiti.

Two peaks mark the site for the three Yourambulla Caves.

Yourambulla Caves The three caves in the two peaks of the Yourambulla Range have special significance for the Aboriginal tribes of the area. (See story)

The peaks have significance for the indigenous people for whom they represent a camping site of two Ancestor men.

Yourambulla Caves Recent charcoal graffiti has prompted the erection of protective cyclone wire.

It was also an important initiation site and the art work symbols have been etched in with charcoal mixed with emu fat.

Yourambulla Caves More graffiti in cave 1.

The first two caves have the clearest and cleanest art work, and they provide an excellent look out over the valley.

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