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Edeowie Gorge, Flinders Ranges (25 April 2014)

contributed by everardtossel
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Edeowie Gorge is stunning but not for the unprepared. I have been hiking there for 40 years and write this note because someone said it is a good place for rockclimbing. Maybe if you want to break your leg and wait 48 hours for rescue in this isolated place with no vehicle access. Rocks are unstable and loose due to weathering over a billion years. Moisture gets in then freezes and expands hairline cracking them. Danger greatest in winter and spring. Hiking down the gorge is fantastic but you need a group of at least four who can read maps and won't panic. Ropes will get you down then back up the smaller falls. Without ropes you climb up the gorge walls then down again past the falls. Hiking all the way out is technically banned now due to the dangers of the remoter waterfalls but possible if you don't suffer vertigo. We still do it on the QT arranging pick up at the old Edeowie homestead. Just don't tell the Rangers. For easier fun consider Bathtub Creek, Mt Havelock, a night out at Dead Goat Soak, or camping at Patawarta in the land of the Oratunga. Good local knowledge from the Fargher clan at Parachilna Pub.

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