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Birds of New South Wales - #3 - North Haven Region

contributed by cougar15
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Birds of New South Wales - #3 - North Haven Region Red-capped Plover, Cathey Creek Lagoon, North Haven Region, NSW

Upon leaving Surfers Paradise, our journey south took us into New South Wales to the little township of North Haven.

Birds of New South Wales - #4 - Bowral Region Lewin's Honeyeater, Robertson, NSW

We visited this area simply because there seemed to be a number of significant waterways in the region and where water is plentiful there is every chance that large numbers of birdlife will be present.

Birds of New South Wales - #3 - North Haven Region Dolphins, Camden Haven Inlet, North Haven, NSW

We stayed at the Woongarra Motel, in North Haven (owned and well run by Grant and Lorraine Wilson). The motel is directly opposite the Camden Haven Inlet and within walking distance of all you need for a wonderful birding experience.

Birds of New South Wales - #3 - North Haven Region Superb Fairy-wren, North Haven, NSW

Whilst we only had 3 nights in North Haven, one could easily spend a couple of weeks in the region and still lament an early departure.

I rate this area very highly indeed as an easy access prime birding location this time of the year.

Birds of New South Wales - #2 - Urunga / Forster-Tuncurry Australian King-Parrot, Bicentennial Flora Park, Tuncurry, NSW

During our stay, I walked to the mouth of the Inlet each morning and, in so doing, noted the presence of Great, Pied and Little Black Cormorants, more Australian Pelicans than I can recall seeing in any other coastal location, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Brahminy and Whistling Kites, Darter, Silver Gull, Crested Tern, Australian Magpie, Magpie-lark, Noisy Miner, Green Figbird, Eastern Rosella, Pied Currawong, Australian Raven, Spangled Drongo, Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Eastern Yellow Robin, Galah, Rainbow and Scaly-breasted Lorikeets, Variegated and Superb Fairy-wrens, Little Wattlebird, White-browed Scrubwren, Great Egret, White-faced Heron and Masked Lapwing.

On what was supposed to be a quick trip to nearby Bonny Hills we continued on to Lake Cathie (pronounced – Cat-hi) and came across the southern end of the Cathie Creek lagoon. There is a considerable expanse of sand between that southern end and the ocean. Within that expanse I came across a number of pairs of Red-capper Plover who were nesting or scurrying about in an attempt to lead me away from their nests or chicks.

Birds of New South Wales - #1 - Tweed Coast Region Little Black Cormorant, Brunswick Heads, NSW

When visiting this area, please take care not to disturb these wonderful little fellows as they are easily frightened away from their precious eggs and preferred nesting sites.

On a clear day, the views from North Brother (in Dooragan National Park) are breath-taking and well worth the effort to drive to the top.

During one of my afternoon birding sessions I saw a couple of dolphins cruising down the Inlet. I understand they come in from the ocean after the mullet which spawn in the Inlet’s reaches this time of year. The best time to see dolphins working the reaches is at the change of high tide when the mullet are looking to return to deeper waters but are trapped by the wall of waiting dolphins.

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