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Tailings Mine (29 July 2016)

contributed by DennisF
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Silver King Mine  (Tailings Mine) View down "glory hole" from edge of hole. This definitely the Silver King Mine. The term Tailings Mine was never used in the early 1990s when I worked there for CRAE.  I believe the term is a more recent one and reflects the close proximity of the mine to Century Mine mullock dumps which are actually not tailings.

The so called "Tailings Mine" is actually the famous Silver King Mine. It is located 1.6 kilometres south southwest of the southwest corner of the now closed Century Mine Pit which was depleted of zinc ore in August 2015. I was there late in 1993 when the dispute between the owner of the then Mining Lease at Silver King and the discoverers of the Century deposit, Conzinc Riotinto Australia Exploration had ended. The term "Tailings Mine" must be a recent term pertaining to the nearby recent mullock dumps that are actually not mine tailings at all. All of Century Mine tailings went into a large tailings dam.

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