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Avenel (17 April 1945)

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Mr Eneas John Lorenz

Avenel A lonely grave oposite the Avenel Pub seemed he drowned in the creek in 1852, Morris Levy, but why was he not buried in the cemetery which ahd just opened.

Buried Tuesday 17 April 1945

Avenel Rear of the Court House and Police Residence showing the remains of the seperate kitchen. Building has been renovated and is looked after by Avenel Neighbourhood House.

A former well known resident of Avenel, and later of Stanhope, in the person of Mr E. J. Lorenz, 76, died at a private hospital after a short illness. He was the eldest son of the late John and Mary Lorenz who were farmers in the Avenel district. Deceased was born at Kilmore and spent his school days there.

Avenel Cemetery - Gazetted 1863 - 5 Acres - 8 of 8 images

As a young man he acquired a property at Avenel and was resident there for 27 years. Afterwards moving to Stanhope, where he continued his rural occupation.

Avenel Houses from the past - images on right of picture - long gone

Whilst in Avenel he was a member of the Australian Light Horse, when it was in existence, for many years; also a Past Master of the local branch of the Oddfellows Lodge at Avenel, and took a keen interest in many of the social, sporting, and public activities. He was highly respected by a large circle of friends, which was evident by the representive attendance at his funeral. He leaves a family of 4 sons, and 4 daughters.

Avenel Railway Station from a different angle

The remains were laid to rest in the family grave at the Avenel cemetery. Rev Father Duggan conducted the burial service and Mr G. Diggle carried out the mortuary arrangements.

Avenel Cemetery - Gazetted 1863 - 5 Acres - 4 of 8 images

In 1904, he had 600 acres grazing and 68 acres at Tarcombe, occupation given as Grazier. He also had a house, 159 acres at Mangalore.

Avenel Cemetery - Gazetted 1863 - 5 Acres - 7 of 8 images

In 1912 he and Catherine were listed as 600 acres, 68 acres, 129 acres, hut, at Tarcombe and listed as a Grazier.

Avenel Front View of the Avenel Pub - still owned by a Shelton.

Courtesy Euroa Gazette "Avenel Snipperts"

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