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searching family tree (24 October 2011)

contributed by AnnemargaretCollett
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Hi my mane is william Richard pickering and i am searching for information about my great grandmother who came out from travistock devin , england . My great grandmothers name was Matilda Lucy Kent, she was pregnant when she was sent out by her parents Robert and Emma Kent. Matilda was born in 1850 and died in 1896. Matilda was sent to the waterloo homestead to work, she then married robert Lewis at waterloo and they had 5 children one of which is Christina Lewis born 1876 at Waterloo, she moved to mt Morgan QLD, met and married Richard pickering and had 4 children, i am searching for any information i can find about the other children from Matilda and robert and of Christina and Richard or any information about Matildas parents or siblings .. thankyou to anyone with a little information,

regards bill

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