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Eastern side of Lake Cowal,

contributed by Leonie
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Lake Cowal Lake Cowal    Parkes Local Bert Powter of Parkes NSW walking up upon a mob of ducks..   Eastern side

In the 1960 the lake was full of water fowl. People from all over Australia would travel to the Lake for duck shooting season. Access to the lake edge [eastern side] would be over private land. The local land holders were always careful with who went through their properties, and kept a watchful eye.

Opening day was always a very big event.

Lake Cowal Lake Cowal   Eastern side of the lake.   Bert Powter  of Parkes  watching a mob of ducks.

The shooters were out numbered by the ducks.

The ducks were ALWAYS out numbered by the tiger snakes.

Men would be out in the lake waist deep in water, having to move quickly to avoid a unwanted meeting with a swimming snake. Or the fella who was up a tree , his mates thought he must have been doing well with the amount of shots heard only to find he had not been game to look up. The local tiger snakes just loved the tree and wanted to climb up. Many families would be eating roast duck, duck soup, the land owners would be offered a share. But the laws have changed the lake now is nearly dry. Lake Cowl in her prime was breathtaking and full of wildlife. Swans, ducks, geese, The Emu's and Kangaroo's . [big red and blues] In huge mobs in the paddocks around the lake. I was lucky enough to see the Brogla dancing, and what a dance it was.

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