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Living water. (20 April 2012)

contributed by JoeFurulyas
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Weeli Wolli Creek Above the false waters of Weeli Wolli Creek.

Weeli Wolli Creek is substantially important in the traditional land owners history.

Weeli Wolli Creek ~ pipeline Rio Tinto ~ Hope Downs mine de-watering pipeline feeding ground water from under the mining operations, into the water course below the natural spring fed waters of Weeli Wolli Creek.

The Nyiyaparli and the Martu Idja Banyjima people believe that the spirit of the Yurduba ( rainbow Serpent ) is in this water.

Yurduba travelled from the Kimberley and now lives in the surrounding hills, he is the guardian of all permanent waterholes, watches all people who come here and we have an obligation to respect him.

Weeli Wolli Creek Where on Earth.

Sadly the mining industry is changing the true nature that is the Weeli Wolli Spring ~ Creek system.

Weeli Wolli Creek A very peaceful place, but it is being altered by the mining industry by the dewatering of Rio Tinto's ~ Hope Downs mining operations.

Rio Tinto is dewatering the underground water table below their Hope Downs operation, the water is being pumped back into Weeli Wolli creek to a point below the natural spring(s) that since creation times has been feeding the creek.

Weeli Wolli Creek The real Weeli Wolli Creek ~ between the natural Springs that feed the creek and the artificial dewatering out fall pipeline.

The artificial inflow of water at first glance looks rather beautiful, but the end result at some point in the future, is that the natural spring(s) may dry up and only the artificial water flow controlled by the miners will feed the stream.

Weeli Wolli Creek The "Gabion" ~ this rock and wire sluce/drain is the terminal end of the de-watering pipeline from Rio Tinto's Hope Downs mining operations, this de-watering process dumps something like 40,000 kilolitres per day into the natural spring fed creek, quite simply the mining industry is manipulating nature. ( 2003 approx)

The near by sink hole is believed to be the lair of "Yurduba" this belief is still quite strong amongst the traditional owners of the land.

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