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Old Station at Naryilco

contributed by warren
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It's been some 55 years since I wandered around the old station and Nary and there wasn't much there then so now I wonder just how much is there now ???? Maybe someone can show me by photos just what exists of the "old station" these days. More than five years I spent on Nary during the 1950's and I guess in reality I covered most of it many times during that period so if anybody requires info from that era I can probably assist. Eric Ferguson was the manager in those days and i worked with many " old timers" such as Fred Brown Aussie & Artie Rowlands etc etc etc.

I had a great time as a teenager growing up there and being parented by Eric and Rachel Ferguson. These days I guess, now that times have changed, the old days of pack horse mustering and cutting out fats on the face of the camp etc etc etc are now all gone. Speaking as an "old fella " I guess all old periods come to an end but even though are carried out more beneficial these day there is something the very hard but memorable "old days".

The week before I left Nary and we were riding back to the station.I remember that Eric Ferguson and I were out "in front" of the sixty plus horses we had and I said to Eric, " how did they do this type of mustering back in Kidmans days " to which he replied, " Nothing has changed Warren, as he always done it the same way since the station was established " He went on to say to me..." You have been living and working in the 1880's and you didn't know it did you " ?

That of course gave me something to think about and today when I tell my grandkids they simply say, " That's bullshit Pop, as they wouldn't have done that then the same as they wouldn't do it these days." ( haven't they got a lot to learn ).

I have many a story from the 1950's if anybody can relate to those days. We are all getting older so i guess I won't get a response at all from this. Cheers to all who read this. Warren Stoddart. ( now residing on the Central Coast NSW ).

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