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Collingwood Mine/Exploration History (10 October 2014)

contributed by DennisF
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Tin mining was reported in the Collingwood area, 35 kms south of Cooktown, as far back as the early 1900s.

Various mineral exploration companies explored the area for tin from the early 1960s including BHP (1962 to 1967), Carpentaria Exploration Company (Mt Isa Mines) i 1972).

The full mining potential was realised in the 1980s when Shell Minerals systematically drilled the deposit and in 1987 released a geological resource figure of 4 Mt at 0.7% Sn. Preliminary mining took place in 1987.After MDLs were granted in 1991 Shell announced an indicated resource of 2.2 Mt at 1% Sn.

From 1995 to 2000 various companies had ownership or options on the mining leases culminating in Bluestone Nominees, a wholly owned subsidiary of Melals X Ltd, taking over the project.

Mining by Bluestone commenced in late 2005 and continued till the mine closure in May, 2008. In June, 2006, Bluestone announced a mining reserve of 953,900 t at 1.19% Sn enclosed within a resource of 1,280,900 t at 1.27% Sn. Ore production for this 2.5 year period is stated to be at the rate of 5,700 t of tin concentrate/year grading 60% Sn.

Mineralisation was stated to be cassiterite in greisen style steeply dipping siliceous veins, albitic veins and flat lying greisen within granites of the Collingwood Granite.

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