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1956 Grantleigh Qld (19 January 2018)

contributed by redex56
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My name is Vic, in 1956 I was 12 years old. My father and my uncle applied for a job working on the Queensland railway as a fettler.

(fettlers are the men that done all the hard work to keep the track safe, today it's done by machine).We were posted to Grantleigh, we lived in tents on the railway siding.We loved it we went to Gogango state school my 3 brothers and I, we would swim in the creek next to the school, some kids rode their horses to school, One teacher taught the whole school, about 20 students, I have forgotten most of their names now. I remember the Barneycotts they lived about 3 miles down the road, they had a dairy farm.

In those days Grantleigh was just a railway siding, all the local farmers would bring their produce to be picked up by the train.

My mother would ring the Westwood general store for our groceries, it would be picked up at Westwood station and dropped at Grantleigh. the train was the 10 up.

Most of the trains were steam, they had a train called the Garrett it was the biggest thing I have ever seen. There was the Sun Lander that came through.

We went to the open air picture show at Wowan, we watched the Redex Trial on the road to Emerald, Jack Davy, Gelignite Jack Murry in the 1948 Ford (the Grey ghost) It was gravel very slippery in the wet.

I went up there a few years ago to show my wife where I went to school and where we lived. There was a sign on the school saying it was going to close due to lack of students, and the old railway siding is now gone.

Those were great days. I am now 74 living in Tweed Heads NSW

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