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Lord Brassy Mine, Tasmania (1 January 2016)

contributed by Janus
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Went to this site today (Jan 2016) by foot.

It is a shortish grunt up a gravel road - a good 4WD would get there if you are experienced), but it is only 1.7km off the bitumen. Leave just past the gravel pit on the northern side of the road after crossing Heazlewood River, south of Waratah.

Take the right hand road every time. I walked in - not too bad - it's down all the way back.

If you are into rocks and minerals you might get a thrill out of some of the rocks, but be aware that the mine dump has been well picked over, and some excavation is required - the dump is the mullock not the ore, so nothing much was left in it.

The minerals specimens are not very spectacular - no crystals of any size, no flashy colours etc, but some of the minerals are rare or even unique. You need to look up what is there before going in - just google "Lord Brassy Mine".

Those into veg should look out for the unusual plants, look up to find out what is located in the area. There are some great flowers - in season - some quite rare.

Great views during the trip back, and on site.

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