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Barnard River and Giro - boyhood days (4 February 2017)

contributed by Hana48
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My brother Peter and I grew up on Giro and the Barnard River while our dad, John Hanmer, was managing the property for Herbert Fields Pty Ltd - 1949 to 1958.

We have many fond memories of Giro and the Barnard River and have made many trips back to the property. One was the "Back To Giro" reunion on 7th March in 1998, organised by Leonie Allardice (sadly now deceased) whose husband, Tommy, is the man in charge of Giro and was born there in about 1952. Many previous owners, managers, employees, students, kids or their representatives attended the glorious memorable day that was had by all.

My brother and I, we are both in our mid 70's, (and a couple of friends who are familiar with the area) are endeavouring to make a 4WD trip from the headwaters of the Barnard River near Hanging Rock down to its confluence with the Manning River at Bretti. We will have no problems from the top end of Giro down to Bretti, but we are not very sure of the terrain upstream from the Myall and Tuggollo area. Is anyone able to offer any advice as to what properties the river flows through, who owns them, who to contact for permission for access, what accessible tracks are available or any other information that may assist in our "boyhood" venture.

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