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Kanyaka Homestead (12 March 2015)

contributed by JHosking
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Kanyaka Facing west on top of hill behind the homestead (build by Spurling about 1952). Hayshed in view. Power lines were erected in late 1950s. Previously electricity was supplied by a diesel generator.

This barely, wheat, wool and fat lamb farm was originally owned by my grand father, Herbert Hosking who left it to his son, Ian. Dad named the farm and homestead "Kanyaka" which in aboriginal meant "Stoney Place" due to the limestone deposits that littered the ground. There was so much limestone that the Highways Department mined and crushed road gravel for the sealing of the Ardrossan to Arthurton Road in the late 1970s. Dad retired in 1979 and died in 1980. At retirement Kanyaka was sold to a neighbour and a young couple from town bought the main house. All the radiata pines about the house and sheds were planted about 1960.

John Hosking

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