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Savernake Station 1862. Listed by NSW Heritage Council. National Trust award 2014. (15 October 2014)

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Savernake Station Scar Tree 3 main sites are indicative of aboriginal use of the property.  Nearby Boat Rock is a significant outcrop used by the Pangerang people; this site can be included in our tours.

Alex & Ann Sloane continue their forebears' early pastoral run. The continual family ownership results in extraordinary collection of genuine artefacts, documents, items and memorabilia. With keen historical, cultural and environmental values, they concentrate on preservation and careful enhancement & management of 400+ hectares species-rich native forest. They offer day tours AND on-farm accommodation. Fully function woolshed. The Sloanes operate a dryland mixed farming (cereals, prime lamb, wool). They identify and protect aboriginal cultural sites. Lignum wetland. Landcare projects. Soooooo much to see and visit !! More details at

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