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Old Napier Downs. (22 February 2017)

contributed by TonyVanhout
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Napier Downs homestead was built next to the Napier Range at the

enterance of Windjana Gorge. In these times it was owned by the

Rowell family of Derby.( They also owned a supply store in the main

street of Derby with ties to Yampi Sound as a supply agent for the mine

on the island.) Napier Downs was considered an out station to Kimberley

Downs, which was also owned by the Rowells. It was decided in 1968 to

open Napier Downs in its own right, to be managed by Rowells son.

The homestead was made up of a beautiful and large managers house, a

large stockmans quarters and a brand new stock yard, (still being built a

short 2 minute walk from the home stead).

Napier Downs was eventually swept away in a monsoonal flood, after which it was abandoned. It is now a part of a national park. I was with Rowells

son and some of the Mowagen Aborigines when Napier Downs was reopened.

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