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Visits to Old Ardoch in 1970 and 2015 (22 September 2015)

contributed by ephraim6
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My father worked on Ardoch Station in the 1920s and in 1970 we returned there to find that the old homestead was empty and a new homestead had been established to the east. The old homestead was in fairly good condition and I believe some of the Halls may have lived there after this date. We returned in 2015 to find that it was derelict with all the verandah screens gone and the insides inhabited by swallows and probably goats. The bow shed kitchen and butcher shop, machinery shed and yards have collapsed and the men's quarters are in a derelict state. It is a shame as it was a house with an interesting roof construction with gables on three sides and a chimney on the fourth serving two fireplaces inside as the 1897 painting suggests.

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