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Reid Township (12 January 2014)

contributed by RobertK
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Reid Township of Reid, Western Australia, Satellite View approx 2009.
Situated on the Nullabor Plain.
Now a ghost town, very little exists, all that remains is a 1,854 m loop and siding. The siding was named after Prime Minister Sir George Houston Reid, Australia's shortest serving Prime Minister (Period in office 17 August 1904 to 5 July 1905).

My parents Lieselotte and Horst Kaletsch immigrated from Berlin, Germany in 1950/51. They were sent to the Nullabor to work. My father (Horst) was employed as a fettler to carry out maintenance on the railway line.

Reid Blowhole approximately 30Km North of Reid

I was born in Cook, SA., which is approximately 102 Kms inside the SA border and lived at Reid from 1954 until 1959.

Story by Robert Kaletsch.


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