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Bairnsdale Aerodrome

contributed by Jacklee
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In 1942 my father Len Lee senior groundsman at the Bairnsdale Aerodrome drove a tractor towing a very large heavy trailer (full of tools and equipment needed ) hitched up behind the trailer was a grader,a lot of weight behind the tractor to the Mallacoota Aerodrome to do maintenance on the Aerodrome,Stationed there were 3 Airmen Alec the Cook,Fred Townsend from Tasmania and Snowy Copas from Newcastle NSW,Dad completed the work some weeks latter then continued on to the Moruya Aerodrome for more maintenance work,on this journey the brakes became overheated on the tractor he had to use first gear and the hand brake to slow the load down,now remember the Princes Highway was a gravel surface for most of the way adding to the problem,I understand his nerves were bit shattered when he arrived at the Moruya Aerodrome,I doubt if anyone would undertake such a journey today my Dad was a tough hard worker all his life.

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