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Myrtle Beach NSW - Traditional Free Beach (4 June 2012)

contributed by mitchezyrider

Myrtle Beach Looking South at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a traditionally free beach where visitors enjoy the atmosphere of 'feeling free with nature'. The beach is reasonably long, enabling you to choose your suitable location. There are secluded areas also if you want personal privacy.

Myrtle Beach Looking North at Myrtle Beach

The beach is not overly busy, even in the holiday times, which makes it an ideal place to escape from society.

'Traditionally Free' means it has not been officially designated as a nudist beach, yet, this is what the beach is used for. Families, couples and singles enjoy this beach. You will find that families sometimes choose to or not, disrobe, however, others and themselves accept the fact that this is a traditional clothing optional beach.

The beach is very private and secluded which confirms that those that visit the beach are more than likely aware of its title. There no toilets, BBQ facilites or beach patrol at Myrtle Beach, yet there are isolated areas where you are able to 'relieve' yourself. On hot days it would be advisable to take thongs and a shade tent, as the sand and the sun can be at an extreme temperature.

If you really want to get-away from society and feel part of nature, I highly recommend a visit, to be part of the natural surroundings that this beach can offer. The Murramarang resort, which has camping and cabin accommodation, is an ideal place to stay overnight close to Myrtle beach. Murramarang resort (2 klms away)

"Enjoy your life - be part of nature - connect mind and body - be free".

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