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Birds of Victoria - #1 (f) - Phillip Island (Northern Coastline)

contributed by cougar15
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Birds of Victoria - #1 (e) - Phillip Island (Southern Coastline) New Holland Honeyeater, Sunderland Bay, Phillip Island, VIC

My reference to the North-East Coastline relates to one of the few beaches in Victoria with a northerly aspect and covers that stretch of the Phillip Island foreshore from Silverleaves to Rhyll.

Birds of Victoria - #1 (f) - Phillip Island (Northern Coastline) Laughing Kookaburra, Rhyll, Phillip Island, VIC

It includes the renowned Ramsar listed wetlands of the Rhyll Inlet.

Birds of Victoria - #1 (d) - Phillip Island (Fisher's Wetlands and Churchill Island) Australian Pelican, Fisher's Wetlands, Phillip Island, VIC

These wetlands attract numerous species of birdlife to the island where one will regularly see Great, Little Black, Little Pied and Pied Cormorants, Great Egret, White-faced and White-necked Herons, Sooty and Pied Oystercatchers, Australian Pelicans and Royal and Yellow-billed Spoonbills.

Birds of Victoria - #1 (c) - Phillip Island (Shearwater Estate Wetlands) Black-shouldered Kite, Cowes, Phillip Island, VIC

It is another island hot-spot to observe local raptors including Wedge-tailed Eagle, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Swamp Harrier, Black-shouldered and Whistling Kites and Brown Goshawk.

Birds of Victoria - #1 (f) - Phillip Island (Northern Coastline) Red-capped Plover, Silverleaves Foreshore, Phillip Island, VIC

The foreshore at Silverleaves has a number of areas that have been roped-off to protect the nesting sites currently in use by Hooded and Red-capped Plovers.

Birds of Victoria - #1 (d) - Phillip Island (Fisher's Wetland and Churchill Island) Swamp Harrier, Fisher's Wetland, Phillip Island, VIC

There are a number of boardwalks and walking trails through the wetland mangroves and adjacent bushland that facilitate close access for exciting birding and general enjoyment of the outdoors.

More detail is available via the following internet link

Birds of Victoria - #1 (a) - Phillip Island (Golf Course) Grey Currawong, Phillip Island Golf Course, VIC

Birds of Victoria - #1 (f) - Phillip Island (Northern Coastline) Nankeen Night Heron, Rhyll, Phillip Island, VIC

Another worthwhile view over the inlet may be had from the end of McIllwraith Road in the township of Rhyll.

Birds of Victoria - #1 (g) - Phillip Island (Oswin Roberts Reserve) Brown Thornbill, Oswin Roberts Reserve Swamp, Phillip Island, VIC

There is a well developed walking track to the left of this lofty viewing point which extends between open farmland and the heavy vegetation running down to the upper reaches of the inlet. Some good birding may be had along this track whilst swamp wallabies will be seen nearby early morning and late afternoon.

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