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A forgotten place (18 June 2016)

contributed by JHolowczak
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I was introduced into the Chambers Creek area way back in the early 1990's , hunting goats. foxes and rabbits. My campsite was in the shadows of the chimney ruins near a sheep pen. The track wound down to a creek crossing with a sign on a gate , JOURNEYS END.

A few years later I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of the adjoining property , Mr PM ,did you guess it ??? owner of JOURNEYS END, shared a cuppa and found out a lot of the history on the creek.

One needs to be extremely careful wandering around as there are numerous abandoned deep diggings and mine shafts along the ridge to the east of the creek.

The owner of the land that I camped on, RH had the intention of gold mining some of the old sites, one being a horizontal shaft located just above the creek but over the years I did not see any new activity.

Much of the history was also told to me by another former owner Edd S, he had a mining map hanging off his lounge room wall that displayed mine names.

The chimney was still standing on my last visit about 15 years ago.

Adjacent to the chimney , the remains of a brick tunnel that lead from the smelter or blacksmiths shop , the tunnel would assist in the draw of the fire up the creek bank to the chimney. There was also a stamping battery there and a boiler but history has it , they were washed down into the Macquarie river in a big flood, The remains of the boiler were seen about where the Root Hog fire trail crossed the Macquarie.

Walking around the area, I would often come across small trails supported by flat black stones apparently built by the chinese gold diggers who used goats as pack animals, milk and meat.

Now I will have to search my old photos for pictures of the area

I knew the area like the back of my hand and have a lot more to print about the history of the immediate area. I understand the land ownerships have changed in recent times so I have lost contact with being able to visit my old camping and hunting site

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