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Rainbow Trout fingerlings added to Wellesley creek

contributed by Tanner
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Wellesley Creek Valley View SE from the "Seaview" farm homstead, near the shearing shed, looking out over the upper Logue Creek Valley, on the original William & Agness Logue's and then son Maurice Logue's farm.

In the early 1940's Maurice Logue and an employee added a ten gallon milk can of "Rainbow Trout" fingerlings to the Logue Falls pool on Wellesley Creek. In the mid to late fifties and on into the sixties reasonable sized trout could be caught in the larger pools on Wellesley Creek. Some years the creek would stop running, (in view) but continue underground enough to keep the pools fresh throughout the summers, so that small numbers of fish were seen in the creek up till the late seventies that I know of.

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