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Birds of Victoria - #1 - Ballarat

contributed by cougar15
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Being drafted.

We left our beloved Phillip Island a week, or so, ago and headed for South Australia to attend our daughter's MBA Graduation Ceremony in Adelaide.

Of course, we couldn't let the opportunity pass without a number of overnight stops to take in the local birdlife along the way.

Birds of Victoria - #1 - Ballarat Australasian Grebe, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat  VIC

Our first stop was the Big4 Ballarat Goldfields Holiday Park where we expected a number of resident species within the park itself and the nearby Lake Esmond.

Birds of Victoria - #1 - Ballarat Little Pied Cormorant, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat  VIC

The park is well designed with numerous native trees and shrubs to attract the likes of Musk and Rainbow Lorikeets, New Holland Honeyeaters and the ubiquitous Australian Magpie and Little and Red Wattlebirds.

Australian Ravens were also present within the park.

Birds of Victoria - #1 - Ballarat Clamorous Reed-Warbler, Lake Esmond, Ballarat  VIC

At the back of the park there is a pathway to Sovereign Hill and if one heads off to the left of that pathway (following the park's boundary fence) you will come across Lake Esmond a few hundred metres away.

Birds of Victoria - #1 - Ballarat Hoary-headed Grebe, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat  VIC

There, I found the lake to host Purple Swamphen, Dusky Moorhen, Australasian Grebe, Pacific Black Duck, Eurasian Coot, Grey Teal, Little Black and Little Pied Cormorants, Black Swan and Great Egret.

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