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Birds of Queensland - #5 - Goondiwindi (1 August 2015)

contributed by cougar15
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Birds of Queensland - #5 - Goondiwindi Black Kite

We are now on our annual winter trip up north and recently stopped overnight at Binalong Motel, Goondiwindi.

The owners there are very friendly and the two home-cooked meals we had in our room, Lamb Shanks and Rissoles, were reasonably priced and as good as we have eaten in a long time.

Birds of Queensland - #5 - Goondiwindi Double-barred Finches

Before checking into our motel we visited the Natural Heritage and Water Park just outside Goondiwindi.

There are some 6 kms of defined walking trails within the park precinct and if you are looking to study some of the activities of Black Kites this is the place to be.

There are literally hundreds of these beautiful creatures residing in the vicinity of the park with a high concentration of the population circling over the nearby waste disposal facility.

These kites are very inquisitive and often present themselves for close-up photography when they circle overhead or when resting in the upper branches of the park's vegetation.

Birds of Queensland - #4 - Noosa Region Great Egret

Whilst there is a considerable volume of water in the park's boating area, where I saw Little Pied and Little Black Cormorants, White-faced Heron, Great Egret, Australasian Grebe, Pacific Black Duck and Purple Swamphen, the adjacent wetland areas were bone dry.

I did, however, come across a group of Double-banded Finches foraging along the Waterside Trail.

From time to time, I also came across several large mobs of kangaroo.

To summarise, the area was a memorable birding experience, through the presence of large numbers of Black Kite. I expect the experience would be even greater following sufficient rainfall to flood the wetlands.

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