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Picture relating to Mount Boyce Weather Station - titled 'Mount Boyce Weather Station'
Picture relating to Mount Boyce Weather Station - titled 'Snow at Mount Boyce Lookout'

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Mount Boyce Weather Station

contributed by Steve777, taken on 5 March 2013
(contact Steve777 about this picture)

Mount Boyce Automated Weather Station (AWS) is about 1,080 metres (3,540 feet) above sea level, with about 12 metres of thick scrub between it and the busy Great Western Highway. It is about 600 metres from the edge of cliffs and steep slopes that drop about over 200 metres into the Megalong Valley to the South and West. It is quite exposed to the West and South West and somewhat sheltered to the East.

Mount Boyce is about 110 km West of Sydney (90 km as the crow flies), but has a very different climate because of its elevation and distance from the sea. On average, it is about six degrees Celsius (10.8 F) cooler than nearby locations close to sea level in Western Sydney. On some Summer days it can be hotter than Sydney because it is out of reach of sea breezes. However, being on the Eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, the climate is subject to coastal influences. Southerly and South Easterly changes reach here, bringing cloud, fog and drizzle. On such days, even in Summer, it can be quite cool.

In Winter, it is exposed to cold changes from the South West and can be 10 degrees or more cooler than the Coastal Plain, with occasional snowfalls.

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