Brisbane B.C.O.F. soldiers outside Japanese Tea-house - Japan - 1946 contributed by HWilson taken in 1946
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Picture of / about 'Brisbane' Queensland - Brisbane B.C.O.F. soldiers outside Japanese Tea-house - Japan - 1946

Group of Soldiers of The B.C.O.F. Forces in allied Japan in the town of Nikko in the area of Kure [ near Hiroshima] 1946.
Inscribed on the back of photo:
"Our Nikko party outside Japanese Cafe where we had a Sukiyaki Party.
From Left to Right"
Squadron Leader R.A.F.
Capt. Dispenser 130 Aust. A.G.H.
Capt. A.I.F. Lab Group
Lt. A.I.F. Workshops
Squadron Leader R.A.F.
Capt. A.I.F. Workshops
Capt. English Coastal Transport
Flight Lieut. R.A.F.
Flight Lieut. R.A.F.[obscured]
Lt. A.I.F. 66 Infantry Brigade
Squadron Leader R.A.F.
Flying Officer R.A.F.
Flight Lieut. R.A.F.
Major Sigs. R.A.F. [myself ] - Maj. B.J. Wilson
Flight Lieut. R.A.F.
Flight Lieut N.Z.
Flight Lieut. N.Z.
Capt. Indian Medical."

Note how small some of the Japanese women are!

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