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Great Victoria Desert covers an area of about 34 million hectares and is located in central Australia. Great Victoria Desert extends across Western Australia and South Australia.

Localities within the Great Victoria Desert include Adam Range (highlight), Ampeinna Hills (highlight), Amy Rocks (highlight), Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands (highlight), Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands (highlight), Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands (highlight), Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands (highlight), Ardagh Rocks (highlight), Bailey Range (highlight), Bailey Range (highlight), Birksgate Range (highlight), Blackboy Rocks (highlight), Blanket Hills (highlight), Blaxland Range (highlight), Blyth Hills (highlight), Blyth Hills (highlight), Boundary Bore (highlight), Calanchini Hills (highlight), Carr-Boyd Rocks (highlight), Cat Camp (highlight), Comet Range (highlight), Cooper Hills (highlight), Cosmo Newbery (highlight), Dobo (highlight), Doctor Hicks Range (highlight), Dorothy Hills (highlight), Double Hills (highlight), Emu (highlight), Ernest Favenc Breakaways (highlight), Ernest Giles Range (highlight), Ernest Giles Range (highlight), Farquharson Tableland (highlight), Farquharson Tableland (highlight), Gladys Paterson Hills (highlight), Hocking Range (highlight), Hoffman Range (highlight), Ida Range (highlight), Iltur (highlight), Imandi (highlight), Irwin Hills (highlight), Jutson Rocks (highlight), Kalayapiti (highlight), Kampurarr Pirti (highlight), Kana Ultu (highlight), Katalina (highlight), Kittens (highlight), Kunamata (highlight), Kunytjanu (highlight), Lang Rock (highlight), Larry Wells Range (highlight), Leisler Hills (highlight), Len Beadell Tree (highlight), Lennis Hills (highlight), Lilian Addicott Rock (highlight), Limejuice Camp (highlight), Livesey Range (highlight), Lizzie Lightfoot Range (highlight), Lupton Hills (highlight), Macintosh Range (highlight), Makiri (highlight), Mallee Hen Rocks (highlight), Manyura Old Drill Site (highlight), Maralinga Tjarutja Lands (highlight), Maralinga Tjarutja Lands (highlight), Maralinga Tjarutja Lands (highlight), Maralinga Tjarutja Lands (highlight), Marcoo (highlight), Maynard Bore (highlight), Mi Mi Rocks (highlight), Millar Range (highlight), Moon Rock (highlight), Morton Craig Range (highlight), Mulga Bore (highlight), Neale Breakaways (highlight), Neil McNeill Hills (highlight), New Aparawilinitja (highlight), Newland Range (highlight), Oak Valley (highlight), One Tree (highlight), Oolarinna Salt Lagoons (highlight), Ooldea Range (highlight), Parakylia Bore (highlight), Parsons Bluff (highlight), Patricia Locke Range (highlight), Pawpaw (highlight), Pilgna (highlight), Pine Tree Caves (highlight), Pine Tree Caves (highlight), Pirapi Breakaways (highlight), Pitcher Range (highlight), Pitjantjatjara Land (highlight), Pitjantjatjara Land (highlight), Pitjantjatjara Land (highlight), Pocket Well (highlight), Pollard Range (highlight), Rabbit Range (highlight), Roadside (highlight), Saunders Range (highlight), Scarr Hills (highlight), Scherk Range (highlight), Shay Cart Range (highlight), Sherriff Range (highlight), Stella Range (highlight), Sunday Surprise Rocks (highlight), Sydney Yeo Range (highlight), Teeta Bore (highlight), Tietkens Plain (highlight), Tietkens Plain (highlight), Tjilpil No 1 (highlight), Tjilpil No 3 (highlight), Tjukayirla Roadhouse (highlight), Two Hills (highlight), Ukaralya (highlight), Ulrich Range (highlight), Virginia Range (highlight), Walalkara (highlight), Wallaby Rocks (highlight), Wanda Hills (highlight), Watarru (highlight), Welstead Range (highlight), Wewak (highlight), Wildcat Bore (highlight), Wilkinson Range (highlight), Wilson Range (highlight), Winterbottom Rocks (highlight), Yamarna (highlight), Yeo (highlight) and Yeo Hills (highlight).

Bores and wells within the Great Victoria Desert include Apamurra Bore (highlight), Aquitaine Bore (highlight), Arndinga Well (highlight), Bell Bird Bore (highlight), Big Shot Bore (highlight), Biljie Well (highlight), Bindibue Bore (highlight), Birthday Bore (highlight), Bore Site No 1 (highlight), Bore Site No 2 (highlight), Boundary Bore (highlight), Bubbles Well (highlight), Butts Bore (highlight), Carmeena Well (highlight), Central Bore (highlight), Chameleon Bore (highlight), Claypan Well (highlight), Continental Bore No 1 (highlight), Coruba Bore (highlight), Derry Snow Bore (highlight), Diorite Bore (highlight), Dwyer Well (highlight), Eastern Well (highlight), Gecko Bore (highlight), Gordon Corner Bore (highlight), Government Bore No 2 (highlight), Jindivic Bore (highlight), Jonah Well (highlight), Kalpi (Black Oak) Bore (highlight), Karkaro No 1 Bore (highlight), Larry Well (highlight), Manya Bore (highlight), Maralinga 3a (highlight), Maynard Bore (highlight), Minindoo Well (highlight), Mitika Well (highlight), New Bore (highlight), New Bore (highlight), Ninevah Bore (highlight), Officer No 1 Bore (highlight), One Mile Well (highlight), Oolarinna East Bore (highlight), Oolarinna Soakage Well (highlight), Oolarinna West Bore (highlight), Oolarinna West Soakage Well (highlight), Ouldabinna (Mobun) Well (highlight), Paragon Bore (highlight), Parakylia Bore (highlight), Perseverance Bore (highlight), Printie Bore (highlight), Pundalarrinna Bore (highlight), Punthi Well (highlight), Puntijarra Well (highlight), Rocky Well (highlight), Salt Well (highlight), Salvation Well (highlight), Sand Hill Well (highlight), Scotty Well (highlight), South Well (highlight), Sprigg Bore (highlight), Tietkens Well (highlight), Turkeys Nest Bore (highlight), Twenty Seven Mile Bore (highlight), Two Mile Well (highlight), Waldana Well (highlight), Walja Well (highlight), Wallatinna Dam (highlight), Wildcat Bore (highlight) and Yilly Yilly Bore (highlight).

Towns, villages or cities near Great Victoria Desert include the village of Warburton (show me), the village of Amata (Musgrave Park) (show me) and the village of Kaltukatjara (Docker River) (show me).

Are you a keen bird watcher? Have you been bird watching in Great Victoria Desert? What birds have you seen in Great Victoria Desert? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here. As a Bonzle sub-project, we're trying to build Australia's most comprehensive bird location atlas. A big thankyou to all that have contributed and continue to contribute sightings.

Bonzle users have reported that the following vermin (feral animals, insects and weeds) have invaded Great Victoria Desert: red fire ant and yellow crazy ant. Do you know of other feral animals, insects and weeds that have invaded Great Victoria Desert? Is this list accurate? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

Cogla Wells area Staking a nickel Claim 1969Cogla Wells area Staking a nickel Claim 1969 There are 3 places with pictures within Great Victoria Desert: Coglia Well Outcamp, Tietkens Well and Ilkurlka

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Map of Great Victoria Desert
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