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Picture of / about 'Sturt National Park' New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia - Sturt National Park
Sturt National Park
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Sturt National Park covers an area of about 560,000 hectares and is located in central Australia. Sturt National Park extends across NSW, QLD and SA.

Towns, villages or cities in and around Sturt National Park include the village of White Cliffs (show me), the village of Thargomindah (show me) and the village of Wilcannia (show me).

There is one weather station within Sturt National Park:

Bonzle users sighted or observed the following birds in Sturt National Park: apostlebird, australasian grebe, australasian shoveler, australian bustard, australian hobby, australian magpie, australian owlet-nightjar, australian pelican, australian raven, australian ringneck, australian spotted crake, australian wood duck, banded whiteface, black falcon, black honeyeater, black kite, black-breasted buzzard, black-faced cuckoo-shrike, black-faced woodswallow, black-fronted dotterel, black-shouldered kite, black-tailed native-hen, black-winged stilt, blue bonnet, blue-billed duck, bourke's parrot, brolga, brown falcon, brown goshawk, brown treecreeper, budgerigar, chestnut-crowned babbler, chestnut-rumped thornbill, chirruping wedgebill, cinnamon quail-thrush, cockatiel, collared sparrowhawk, common bronzewing, crested bellbird, crested pigeon, crimson chat, darter, diamond dove, dusky woodswallow, emu, eurasian coot, flock bronzewing, freckled duck, gibberbird, glossy ibis, great cormorant, great crested grebe, great egret, grey butcherbird, grey falcon, grey teal, ground cuckoo-shrike, hall's babbler, hardhead, hoary-headed grebe, hooded robin, house sparrow, little black cormorant, little button-quail, little corella, little crow, little eagle, little pied cormorant, magpie-lark, marsh sandpiper, masked lapwing, mistletoebird, mulga parrot, nankeen kestrel, nankeen night heron, olive-backed oriole, orange chat, pacific black duck, pallid cuckoo, peregrine falcon, pied butcherbird, pied honeyeater, pink-eared duck, rainbow bee-eater, red-backed kingfisher, red-browed pardalote, red-capped plover, red-capped robin, red-kneed dotterel, red-necked avocet, red-necked stint, red-rumped parrot, restless flycatcher, rufous whistler, sacred kingfisher, sharp-tailed sandpiper, silver gull, singing honeyeater, southern whiteface, spiny-cheeked honeyeater, spotted harrier, spotted nightjar, square-tailed kite, straw-necked ibis, striated pardalote, striped honeyeater, stubble quail, swamp harrier, tawny frogmouth, variegated fairy-wren, wedge-tailed eagle, weebill, welcome swallow, whistling kite, white-breasted woodswallow, white-browed babbler, white-browed woodswallow, white-faced heron, white-fronted chat, white-necked heron, white-plumed honeyeater, white-winged fairy-wren, willie wagtail, yellow-billed spoonbill, yellow-rumped thornbill, yellow-throated miner and zebra finch. Is this list accurate? Are you a keen bird watcher? Have you been bird watching in Sturt National Park? What species of birds have you seen? Contribute your knowledge by clicking here. For a comprehensive flexibound field guide to Australia's birds try Birds of Australia: Eighth Edition.

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Cameron CornerCameron Corner There are 4 places with pictures within Sturt National Park: Cameron Corner, Fort Grey, Jump Up and Olive Downs

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Map of Sturt National Park
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