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Picture of / about 'Sandys Hut' South Australia - Sandys Hut
Sandys Hut
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Sandys Hut is a coastal hut in southeast South Australia, Australia situated about 220km south-southeast of Adelaide (show me). Sandys Hut is about 19m above sea level.

The nearest more populous place is the town of Kingston S.E. which is 23km away with a population of around 1,500 (show me a map with Sandys Hut and Kingston S.E.).

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contributed by taheki on 13-Jun-2011
Sandys Hut
Sons Of Frederick Hartman & Norma Pinkie From left to right
Michael Hartman (middle son)
Terrence Hartman (Youngest son)
Graham Hartman (oldest son)

The place known as Sandy's Hut has held significance to a number of families from the south east for a long time. The name Turup, was recorded in Tindale's place name index, and referred to as 'Sandy's Hut', and is the site where the Reedy Creek broke through earlier Woakwine Eustatic Terrace Dunes reserve. It is important that this area is held in the interests of the families who hold a cultural relationship to the land., A number of families have maintained their connection. The Gibson family held the lease through John GIbson, which was later held by his daughter Dorothy Hartman. Her grandson Mr Michael Hartman now holds a lease over the house. However other areas of the original leased site of Sandy's Hut have been taken up as Conservation Park lands; it is the concern of Kungari that these lands be retained and controlled by the relevant Aboriginal families.

It is Kungari's hope that the lands will be retained by the families of the southeast holding an interest in the lands, they are the families descending from John and Amy Gibson, and others who held a relationship to the country.

The land was granted to John Gibson in 1895. There are three allotments separated by a public road with remnant native vegetation and ruined buildings, including two house. Various buildings and historic materials can be found throughout the area.The site has been heavily modified with fences erected and various introduced plant species growing, including a group of large pines lining the front fence and beds of Jonquils. The buildings themselves occupy a low limestone platform which is generally overlain by loose sand drifts and dunes. The platform terminates along a ledge immediately west of the main house site at a small swampy basin.

Survey undertaken at Sandy's Hut sought to detail the main features of the site and determine the presence or not of any pre-contact cultural materials. The site would appear to be located in a prime position for the latter, in that it is perched immediately above expansive swampland habitats on the top of a sandy substrate. Indeed, evidence of pre-contact occupation was identified in a number of areas.

Frederick Hartman & His three sons Frederick Hartman (Back)
From left to right, Terrence Hartman, Graham Hartman & Michael Hartman

If you do wish to visit Sandy's Hut, Please do not remove anything such as old car parts or relics that maybe on the land. Also please do not leave your rubbish on the grounds as it is a great disrespect to my family and my ancestors. Sandys Hut is Listed on the Australian Heritage Website.

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Map of Sandys Hut in South Australia
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