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Derby Weather Station is located in the northeast of Western Australia at an altitude of about 8m above sea level.

Derby Weather Station is close to Derby (7.03km away - show me).

Nearby localities include: Prison Boab Tree (2.41km away - show me), Mowanjum (4.6km away - show me), Colac Shoals (7.47km away - show me), Munkayarra (12.1km away - show me), Bungarun (12.9km away - show me), Jarrananga Plain (25.9km away - show me), May Landing (31.4km away - show me), Torment Spit (42.7km away - show me), Malaburra (54.8km away - show me) and Bedunburra (59.9km away - show me).

The two closest weather stations to Derby Weather Station are the Curtin Weather Station 27.9km away to the west and the Cygnet Bay Weather Station 123km away to the west (show me a map of all three weather stations).

The nearest road to Derby Weather Station is a sealed road that is un-named in our database and comes within 320m of Derby Weather Station.

The nearest sealed road to Derby Weather Station is the Derby Highway (1.62km away).

Last 20 observations from Derby Weather Station

Local timeTime agoTemperatureFeels likePressureWind speedWind directionRelative humidityRain since 9AM
12:00 25/8/2016 WST26 minutes ago30.6°C24.4°C1012.5 hPa19-32 km/h SE10 %0 mm
11:30 25/8/2016 WST56 minutes ago29.4°C22.6°C1013.1 hPa22-32 km/h ESE10 %0 mm
11:00 25/8/2016 WST1.4 hours ago28.9°C21.4°C1013.6 hPa26-35 km/h SE11 %0 mm
10:30 25/8/2016 WST1.9 hours ago28.5°C20.2°C1014.0 hPa30-41 km/h SE11 %0 mm
10:00 25/8/2016 WST2.4 hours ago27.9°C19.3°C1014.3 hPa32-41 km/h ESE12 %0 mm
09:30 25/8/2016 WST2.9 hours ago27.3°C19°C1014.6 hPa30-39 km/h ESE12 %0 mm
09:00 25/8/2016 WST3.4 hours ago25.7°C16.9°C1014.8 hPa33-46 km/h ESE13 %0 mm
08:30 25/8/2016 WST3.9 hours ago24.9°C16.1°C1014.7 hPa33-43 km/h ESE14 %0 mm
08:00 25/8/2016 WST4.4 hours ago23.1°C14.2°C1014.6 hPa33-43 km/h ESE15 %0 mm
07:30 25/8/2016 WST4.9 hours ago21.7°C13.1°C1014.4 hPa32-41 km/h SE17 %0 mm
07:00 25/8/2016 WST5.4 hours ago20.5°C11.7°C1014.2 hPa33-46 km/h SE18 %0 mm
06:30 25/8/2016 WST5.9 hours ago19.7°C13°C1014.0 hPa22-30 km/h SE19 %0 mm
06:00 25/8/2016 WST6.4 hours ago17°C11.6°C1013.7 hPa15-19 km/h SSE23 %0 mm
05:30 25/8/2016 WST6.9 hours ago15.9°C10.5°C1013.1 hPa15-19 km/h SSE24 %0 mm
05:00 25/8/2016 WST7.4 hours ago14.9°C9.5°C1012.7 hPa15-17 km/h SSE25 %0 mm
04:30 25/8/2016 WST7.9 hours ago15.5°C10.4°C1012.3 hPa13-17 km/h S24 %0 mm
04:00 25/8/2016 WST8.4 hours ago16.2°C11.1°C1012.0 hPa13-15 km/h SSE23 %0 mm
03:30 25/8/2016 WST8.9 hours ago16.3°C10.5°C1011.7 hPa17-19 km/h SSE23 %0 mm
03:00 25/8/2016 WST9.4 hours ago16.6°C11.1°C1011.7 hPa15-17 km/h SSE22 %0 mm
02:30 25/8/2016 WST9.9 hours ago17.2°C11.8°C1011.6 hPa15-17 km/h SSE22 %0 mm

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Map of Derby Weather Station in Western Australia
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