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The Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine is located just off the Wallaroo Moonta Road in southeast South Australia a distance of about 130km northwest from Adelaide (show me). The Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine is at an altitude of about 38m above sea level.

The Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine is (or was) a copper and gold mine. Do you know what else was or is being mined at the Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine? If you do, why not contribute your knowledge by clicking here.

The nearest populated place is the town of Moonta which is 3km away with a population of around 3,100 (show me a map with Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine and Moonta).

The nearest sealed road to Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine is the Wallaroo Moonta Road (900m away).

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contributed by phaedrus on 15-May-2009

The mine was taken over after mining ceased, due to falling world prices, by the Copper Triangle District Council (now the Dist Council of the Copper Coast) and permission given to local volunteers at the beginning of 2008 with four tours a day on Wed, Sat, Sun and every day in school holidays. This was reduced to three tours daily (on days shown before) in Oct 2008. That year, over 4300 visitors participated in the tour which descends from the pit floor through the portal to the 55m level.

Groups of up to 18 are led by a trained local volunteer who drives the train from the reception area to the pit floor. If required due to disability, the inspection can be done by driving the train down the mine.

The minimum age is 6 and visitors over 80 have completed the tour. A limited range of copper-based souvenirs are available for purchase.

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contributed by kintorekid on 15-Oct-2009
History of Wheal Hughes
Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine @ Moonta SA - Peacock (Copper) Ore Bornite (Peacock Ore) on the 'Hanging wall' or roof, 55m Level Footwall Orebody. The 55m Level is some 120 metres below ground.

Wheal Hughes original mining operations took place between 1865 and 1874. The modern operation started in 1990, when the opencut pit was commenced. The opencut was completed in 1992 at a depth of 65 metres (nom.), and underground mining was commenced at deeper levels. Mining was ceased in 1993 due to dramatic declines in copper prices, at the 95 metre level.

Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine @ Moonta SA - Open Cut Pit Floor Taken after very heavy rainfall, Sep 09. The open cut pit is some 65m deep, with a portal at the floor leading to the underground portion of the mine.

The Moonta Town Council/District Council of the Copper Coast commenced a tour operation at the mine in the late nineties, but decided to cease the tour operation in July of 2007. Locals banded together and now provide volunteer labour via a committee comprised of the local branch of the National Trust andd the Moonta & District Progress Association, which saw the tours recomence in January 2008.

Tours go underground and visit the 35 & 55 metre levels - originally you needed to be relatively fit to undertake the walk out from the underground portion of the mine, up a very steep tunnel ( the decline) - but now most guides drive the whole tour.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, as I am a volunteer guide at the mine.

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Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine @ Moonta SA - Mineral Specimens
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Map of Wheal Hughes Tourist Mine in South Australia
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