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Picture of / about 'Adelong Creek' New South Wales - Adelong Creek
Adelong Creek
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Adelong Creek in south New South Wales starts below Wondalga at an elevation of 451m and ends at an elevation of 212m flowing into the Murrumbidgee River.

The Adelong Creek drops around 239m over its 45.8km length.

The Califat Creek flows into the Adelong Creek.

Adelong Creek is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

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contributed by iandsmith on 02-Apr-2010
The ruins
Adelong Creek The creek near Adelong Falls

Adelong Falls at Adelong itself is what the locals will refer you to but, as falls, they hardly would rate a mention. They are simply a few small cascades that meander through the solid rock bed.

Adelong Creek Part of the old gold mining relics that you can still find at Adelong Falls

However, what really is of much interest is that they used to power the old gold mining site that still has many relics and was refurbished during the bicentenary program (1988).

Adelong Creek The creek had alluvial gold and also powered the equipment for the old gold mine

There are explantory signs to let you know what each area and building was used for and it makes a pleasant creek side stroll from the town or you can stop at the lookout and view them from the carpark.

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contributed by LouisMilkovits on 24-May-2010 (last modified 24-May-2010)
Some of the Gold related history of Adelong Creek.
Adelong Creek Close up of a hub of the lower water wheel from the Heritage Listed Adelong Falls Gold Mill site.

1. Alluvial gold was first discovered in 1852, upstream from the present township of Adelong, through which the creek flows. The locality became a declared goldfield in 1855 and so started a "gold rush". Reef gold was then discovered in 1857 near Victoria Hill.

Adelong Creek The remains of one of two water wheels which powered gold bearing ore crushing machinery from about 1870 to the early 1900s. Initially, the gold from the crushed ore was separated using a mercury amalgamation process. Each water wheel delivered about 35hp and was fed through a system of dams, races and sluices collecting water from Adelong Creek and its tributaries further upstream. The water was then chanelled through an aquaduct system to power other machinery 5km further downstream.

2. The first crushing battery was built near Adelong in about 1860. A more extensive crushing plant was built 2km downstream from Adelong in about 1870.

Adelong Creek Original stone structures at the Adelong Falls Gold Mill ruins. These are the remains of the two water wheel houses and were built between 1870 and 1882.

3. The wash from alluvial gold recovery and tailings from ore crushing were emptied back into the creek. Aditionally, water first used to power crushing machinery near Adelong was diverted via aquaducts and races to more crushing machinery 5km downstream.

Adelong Creek One of a series of ponds and cascades on Adelong Creek known as the "Adelong Falls". The locality is near Currajong Hill and about 2km downstream from the township of Adelong. Adelong Creek was the site of extensive gold recovery operations from about 1855 to about 1900.

4. Gold mining operations continued up until the early 1900s. At the start, mercury was used in the recovery process. Chlorination processes were then used from 1876 onwards and Cyanide based processes were added from 1900 until the end of operations.

Adelong Creek Currajong Hill on which the Adelong Falls Gold Mill was constructed. Adelong Creek is in the foreground. The picture was taken from near the site of the former residence of one of the mill's owners.

5. By some estimates, as much as 60% of the gold that entered ore crushing and recovery plants escaped into Adelong Creek with relatively fine sands from the crushed ore. This sand, plus silt from sluicing operations, acccumulated further downstream and was dredged to recover its gold content at Grahamstown and Shepherdstown. Although other extractive processes ceased in the early 1900s, dredging continued until the 1960s.

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Map of Adelong Creek in New South Wales
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