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Picture of / about 'Western Highway' Victoria and South Australia - Near Drung on the Western Highway
Near Drung on the Western Highway
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The Western Highway is a sealed road in Victoria and South Australia. It goes from near Serviceton to near Burrumbeet.

The Western Highway's highest elevation along its length is 455m (highlight point | zoom to point) and the lowest point is at 97.6m (highlight point | zoom to point).

The Western Highway connects with the Ararat Stawell Road, the Ballarat Burrumbeet Road, the Beaufort Carngham Road, the Beaufort Lexton Road, the Borung Highway, the Deep Lead Glenorchy Road, the Dimboola Rainbow Road, the Drung South Road, the Dukes Highway, the Eurambeen Streatham Road, the Geelong Road, the Grampians Road, the Henty Highway, the Horsham Drung South Road, the Kaniva Edenhope Road, the Laharum Road, the Lake Fyans Road, the Mortlake Ararat Road, the Nhill Harrow Road, the Nhill Jeparit Road, the Nhill Netherby Road, the Nhill Yanac Road, the Polkemmet Road, the Pyrenees Highway, the Serviceton North Road, the Skipton Road, the Stawell Avoca Road, the Stawell Warracknabeal Road, the Three Chain Road, the Western Freeway and the Wimmera Highway.

Towns, villages and localities on the Western Highway include Salisbury (highlight), Kiata (highlight), Horsham (highlight), Drung Drung South (highlight), Dadswells Bridge (highlight), Great Western (highlight) and Beaufort (highlight).

The Western Highway is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

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Map of Western Highway
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