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Picture of / about 'Great Northern Highway' Western Australia - Great Northern Highway
Great Northern Highway
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The Great Northern Highway is a sealed and an unsealed road in Western Australia. It goes from near Red Bank to Anthon Landing.

The Great Northern Highway's highest elevation along its length is 466m (highlight point | zoom to point) and the lowest point is at 0.54m (highlight point | zoom to point).

The Great Northern Highway connects with the Anna Plains Road, the Bedford Stock Route, the Bidyadanga Road, the Blina Road, the Boreline Road, the Broome Road, the Calwynyardah Noonkanbah Road, the Camballin Road, the Cherrabun Road, the Christmas Creek Road, the Dampier Downs Road, the Derby Highway, the Duncan Road, the Eighty Mile Beach Road, the Fitzroy River Road, the Fossil Downs Road, the Frazier Downs Road, the Frome Rocks Road, the Gibb River Road, the Glen Hill Road, the Goldsworthy Shay Gap Road, the Kilto Road, the King River Road, the Leopold Downs Road, the Lissadell Road, the Mandora Road, the Marble Bar Road, the Mount Amhurst Road, the Mt Jowlaenga Road, the North West Coastal Highway, the Old Ballara Road, the Paradise Road, the Pardoo Road, the Parry Creek Road, the Pippingarra Road, the Port Smith Road, the Shay Gap Road, the Springvale Lansdowne Road, the Tanami Road, the Thangoo Road, the Victoria Highway and the Wapet Road (Kidson Track).

Towns, villages and localities on the Great Northern Highway include Bedunburra (highlight), Marra Worra Worra (highlight), Fitzroy Crossing (highlight), Kurnangki (highlight), Halls Creek (highlight), Warmun(Turkey Creek) (highlight) and Guda Guda (Nine Mile) (highlight).

The Great Northern Highway is highlighted in yellow on the map below.

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Map of Great Northern Highway in Western Australia
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