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You'll find the locality of Coolangatta just off Musgrave Street in Queensland about 90km south-southeast of Brisbane (show me). Coolangatta is on the South Pacific Ocean. Coolangatta is at an altitude of about 6m above sea level. Coolangatta is one of the easternmost localities in Queensland.

The nearest more populous place is the city of Tweed Heads which is 1.8km away with a population of around 45,000 (show me a map with Coolangatta and Tweed Heads).

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contributed by wanderlust on 12-Jan-2011
Beautiful Coolangatta
Coolangatta Snapper Rocks taken from the lookout at Point Danger

Coolangatta has an airport which handles international flights from N.Z. and Japan and is a major hub for Jetstar and virgin Blue. The town itself is only 30 mins drive south of Surfers Paradise. Coolangatta itself is home to one of the world's leading surfing championships [Pro-am] and has several wonderful surfing beaches. It straddles the border of New South Wales. The beaches are huge and even if they were in Europe, there would still be room to spare ! Picnic areas, free barbeque facilities and wc's are aplenty as are surf lifesaving clubs who have cheap basic meals and all proceeds go to the clubs for equipment. The beaches are patrolled by volunteers who do an amazing job and save hundreds of lives every year.

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Not the 'Coolangatta' you were after? Try: Coolangatta (the homestead) near Mingenew in Western Australia; Coolangatta (the homestead) near Albany in Western Australia; Coolangatta (the homestead) near Penola in South Australia; or Coolangatta (the regional area) in Queensland and New South Wales.

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Map of Coolangatta in Queensland
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