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Trundle is located on the Bogan Gate Tullamore Road in central New South Wales a distance of about 340km west-northwest from Sydney (show me). Trundle has a population of around 440 and is one of the smaller towns in Australia. Trundle is about 254m above sea level. The nearest sea is the Tasman Sea which is part of the South Pacific Ocean about 330km east-southeast of Trundle.

Trundle is on the Yarrabandai Creek.

The nearest more populous place is the town of Parkes which is 49km away with a population of around 9,800 (show me a map with Trundle and Parkes).

Trundle is on the intersection of the Bogan Gate Tullamore Road and the Condobolin Trundle Road.

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contributed by mytrundle on 10-Jul-2011
Trundle Tree Change

Rent A Farm House Scheme

Trundle Tour De Trundle riders about to leave for their monthly ride

Rent a farm house' was a bold scheme, originally devised to reinvigorate the small rural Tasmanian community of Levendale, by renting vacant farmhouses for $1 a week to attract new families to the district and save their school.

Trundle The old Trundle Hospital (Advie Hospital) before the MPS was build

As part of the Strategic Plan for Trundle, which was formulated in 2010, community members recognized the need to entice people to live in Trundle, for similar reasons to those adopted in Levendale, and closer to home in Cumnock. It was widely agreed that to ensure the schools and businesses of Trundle survive, new families need to be encouraged to live in the district

Trundle Trundle Central Shool in 1934

Since the formulation of the strategic plan, committees have met regularly to put into place many of the suggestions and the Rent a Farm House Scheme is now gathering momentum in Trundle. Christine Weston, coordinator of Cumnock Rent a farmhouse Scheme, and current NSW Woman of the Year, has been providing ongoing support and advice and has been generous in offering the use of the highly successful Cumnock model for use in Trundle.

Fast Facts:

Applicants apply online.

A committee has been formed to interview potential tenants, while the owner of the house has the final say.

Farmhouses are rented for $1, for 3 years, and the expectation is that they will undergo renovations by the tenant.

A formal lease agreement is signed by the tenants and owner of the farm house. Farmhouses that are in very good condition and would benefit from a tenancy can be part of the project at rental prices.

Costs involved in renovating the farm house is negotiated between owner and tenant (each situation is unique)

Trundle Trundle's Men's Shed or Anglican Church Hall

Employment: with the brilliant season bringing more prosperity, and therefore greater opportunity for employment and new businesses. The criteria for applicants for the Trundle Rent a farm house Scheme:

Families with children

Community orientated people

Renovation skills or interest

Ready for a tree-change

An Added Bonus

Trundle 6th Light Horse Troop in 1938 - often refered to as Trundle Troop

Andrew Denton's film production company Zapruder's Other Films, (producers of 'Enough Rope' and 'The Gruen Transfer') have taken an interest in filming the process of the Rent a Farm House Scheme in Trundle. This film company has met with committee members to discuss ideas and will be meeting in the Trundle Memorial Hall this Sunday 24th October, at 1.00pm. Andrew Denton will be in attendance, along with other members of the production crew, to answer any questions and advise Trundle community members of how the documentary series will be structured, the time line and the television series that will be airing in 2012.

Trundle What you see as you approach trundle

Approximately eighty enthusiastic people attended a meeting last Sunday in the Trundle Memorial Hall to meet with Andrew Denton and his film crew to discus the possibilities of promoting the Rent a Farmhouse Scheme for Trundle.

Trundle Trundle's famous hotel

Andrew Denton's film production company, Zapruder's Other Films (producers of Enough Rope and The Gruen Transfer) have taken an interest in filming the process of the Rent a Farm House Scheme in Trundle. This film company had met with committee members to discuss ideas previously, and invited the community to come along and express their ideas and concerns.

Mark Gray was chairman and called upon Cherie Quade to introduce the committee and outline the structure of the Rent a Farmhouse Scheme as follows... The 'Rent a farm house' was a bold; scheme, originally devised to re-invigorate the small rural Tasmanian community of Levendale, by renting vacant family houses for $1 a week to attract new families to the district and save their school,

Trundle Displaying the old bullock teams and the new freight mover in the main street in August 2010

The project was renamed "Trundle Tree change"

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Map of Trundle in New South Wales
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