Weather summary

Mount Virchow is one of the clearest places in Australia. It experiences exceptionally high daytime temperatures, wind speed and numbers of clear days. It also experiences far below average rainfall and humidity levels. Overnight temperatures are above average and numbers of cloudy days are below average.

Mount Virchow has a wet and a dry season. The wet season in Mount Virchow begins around January and ends around July. Over the course of the wet season, Mount Virchow receives around 251.1mm of rain. By comparison, in the dry season from August to December, less than 24.8mm of rain falls in total. At the height of the wet season in February it rains on average 4.2 days in that one month. Indeed, Mount Virchow has experienced as much as 364mm in a single February day and as much as 675.2mm in a single month (February).

Temperatures in the wet season average between 27.7 and 38.1OC during the day and 11.7 and 25.2OC overnight. Temperatures in the dry season average between 29.4 and 37.7OC during the day and 12.3 and 22.7OC at night.