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Picture relating to Point Lonsdale - titled 'Spirit of Tasmania from 'Rip View' Lookout Point Lonsdale'
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    Spirit of Tasmania from 'Rip View' Lookout Point Lonsdale

    contributed by GraemeReid, taken in 2014
    (contact GraemeReid about this picture | see 1858 more pictures from GraemeReid - open in new window)

    From the lookout at Point Lonsdale ships can be viewed passing through Port Phillip Heads between Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay. The most common are the two similar Spirit of Tasmania vehicle ferries that provide a service each way every night between Melbourne Victoria and Devonport Tasmania with double services via day crossings of Bass Strait as well during busy times at speeds of about 27 knots for crossings of nine hours. This picture shows one of the ships about to enter Port Phillip bay from Bass strait with the Point Lonsdale Pier, a popular fishing spot, which is protected by a reef, in the foreground. Picture taken by Christine Reid

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