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Picture relating to Widgee - titled 'Brooyar State Forest'
Picture relating to Underbool - titled 'Underbool'

Brooyar State Forest

contributed by JohnH, taken in July 1998
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This State Forest is located about 25 km west of Gympie. The hoop pine plantations were planted there from about 1950 to 1980. Single men (two to a room) camped in these three-room barracks. A kitcken, was on one end and a galley (an open ares that contaaied an open fire place and a table or two) and a shower (the bucket type) was attached to the back of the barracks.

These baracks were standard accommodation throughout Queensland for workers employed by the Forestry Department. These 'new' style barracks were built from about 1950 to the late 1960s. The older barracks were made of canvas.

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