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Picture relating to Blackbutt - titled 'Hauling Logs, Blackbutt to Kingaroy'
Picture relating to Crows Nest - titled 'Buildings in Charlotte Street, Crows Nest, 1911'

Hauling Logs, Blackbutt to Kingaroy

contributed by GeoffDrew, taken in January 1911
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Photograph taken by Frederick William Lock, who migrated to Queensland in 1910 and settled in Blackbutt, later in Moore.

Later information tells me that this is an 8 hp Garrett, and that the photograph was taken in nearby Kingaroy. Report and similar photograph in The Queenslander, 4 February 1911 is captioned:
"The "Trackless Train" in the Nanango District. This picture illustrates how the difficulties of the road may be overcome by a little ingenuity. A traction engine drawing timber ran short of water two miles from Kingaroy. An 8 h.p. Garret with a similar load chancing to come along, the driver of the latter hooked the derelict load on to his own and carried the whole triumphantly into Kingaroy, having easily beaten all records. There were eight wagons in all, and a water trailer, the total load being 58 and a half tons. We are indebted to Messers. Clark and Fauset, agents for the Garret engines, for this photograph."

Original - Large format film negative

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