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      Ophthalmia Range ~Newman

      contributed by JoeFurulyas, taken on 28 August 2018
      (contact JoeFurulyas about this picture | see 364 more pictures from JoeFurulyas - open in new window)

      Mr Rum's Pinnacle
      Remembering Peter Robert Brett ~ Mr Rum 4x4 Earthling

      Who was Peter Robert Brett ~ alias Mr Rum.

      He was an active outdoors man an adventurer and fellow four wheel driver who, with his wife traveled to the Pilbara earlier this year, visited Newman and surrounds.

      Sadly he was killed in the high country in Victoria ~ this year 2018.

      I never actually met Mr Rum but like many ~ forum members we spent time conversing on line, a really nice bloke by all accounts.
      I happened to be 'out and about' on the very day of his funeral service and stopped at a place high in the Ophthalmia Range, from where I could see this magnificent unnamed Pinnacle, so as a gesture in kind, I've named this piece of unoccupied Crown Land in his memory.

      Will it ever be mined? ~ I can't answer that, but hopefully it remains untouched for as many years as that of the life of Peter Robert Brett.

      Mr Rum