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    Lake Indoon sunrise, Eneabba WA

    contributed by GerryRyder, taken on 29 September 2013
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    Pronounced 'Ee nee abba', the district is noted for its mineral sands mining operation. Situated centrally in the sandplain country north of Perth, it's surrounded by the usual heathland flats. The climate tends to limited rainfall, and Lake Indoon, not far from the mining centre, varies from full enough for locals to do a bit of boating and skiing, to bone dry at other times. Lake Indoon has a campground and hard boat ramp. But don't be surprised if the ramp's end is far above water level after a poor winter. A few kays east, the Brand Highway passes, an excellent road busy with heavy haulage vehicles and road trains. Many travellers are taking the newer coastal Indian Ocean Drive when 'going north', to avoid the worst of the heavy traffic at least until it joins the Brand near Dongara. Either route offers a great wildflower showing in spring.