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Picture relating to Jandowae - titled 'Jandowae'
Picture relating to Many Peaks - titled 'Many Peaks'
Picture relating to Mungallala - titled 'Mungallala'
Picture relating to Nanango - titled 'Circus travelling through Nanango on horsedrawn vehicles, ca. 1914'
Picture relating to Petrie Terrace - titled 'Edward Harold Waters - born Petrie Terrace,Brisbane 1/4/1895'


contributed by Robyn, taken in 1914
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This family group photo of Marius and Louisa Sorensen was taken about 1914 on their Alison Vale property at Mungallala. The parents in the centre are flanked by their friends Fred Muller and an unknown lady. The children L to R from the top are Isabella Gladys, William, Marius Jnr, Edith, Daniel, Lucy Jane Constance and Cecil.

Marius immigrated from Denmark in 1887, Louisa's father Cornelius Powell arrived as a 12 year old with his parents, while her mother Mary Jane Williams parents arrived in 1853 on the vessel Parsee from Wales and England.