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    Penstock Lagoon near Waddamana

    contributed by GraemeReid, taken on 14 February 2010
    (contact GraemeReid about this picture | see 1858 more pictures from GraemeReid - open in new window)

    PENSTOCK LAGOON is just North of Waddamana. This is a popular fishing spot for Tasmanians. Penstock lagoon was originally constructed in 1916 as water storage and intake for the now decommissioned Waddamana Power Station. The outlets for the water to the power station are at the left of this picture. Throughout its history, Penstock has been a fly fishing water of high repute. The lagoon is no longer used for electricity generation but its water quality and quantity is managed by Hydro Tasmania and the inland fisheries service to ensure the future of the fishery.

    This picture is part of the Bonzle Fishing (open in new window) photo collection.