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Bonzle Digital Atlas of Australia

Temperature in Australia in the last 2 hours

Temperature in Australia in the last 2 hours

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Temperature distribution across Australia in the last 2 hours

Number of weather stations   
Temperature (°C)

Weather stations in Australia with temperatures in the 20 to 25 °C range in the last 2 hours

Weather StationStateMax Temperature
in the last 2 hours
Albion ParkNSW20.2 °C
Alice Springs AirportNT22.2 °C
BallinaNSW20.1 °C
BarcaldineQLD21.1 °C
Barrow IslandWA23.7 °C
BatchelorNT24.1 °C
BirdsvilleQLD24.5 °C
BlackallQLD21.6 °C
BouliaQLD23.2 °C
BrisbaneQLD20.7 °C
BulmanNT20.8 °C
Burketown AirportQLD21.2 °C
CairnsQLD22 °C
CamoowealQLD23.2 °C
Cape ByronNSW20.1 °C
Cape FlatteryQLD23.3 °C
Cape MoretonQLD20.4 °C
CarnarvonWA20.3 °C
CasinoNSW21.2 °C
Cato IslandQLD22.3 °C
Central Arnhem PlateauNT22.8 °C
Centre IslandNT23.7 °C
Century MineQLD20.9 °C
CharlevilleQLD23.8 °C
Christmas IslandWA23.9 °C
CloncurryQLD23.5 °C
Cobar AirportNSW23.7 °C
Coconut IslandQLD24.1 °C
CoenQLD21.2 °C
Coober Pedy AirportSA24.5 °C
CooktownQLD24.2 °C
CoolangattaQLD21 °C
Coonabarabran AirportNSW23.3 °C
CoonambleNSW21.9 °C
CunnamullaQLD23.1 °C
CurtinWA24.3 °C
DarwinNT24.3 °C
DelamereNT24.9 °C
Douglas RiverNT23.8 °C
Flinders ReefQLD23.9 °C
Fowlers GapNSW24.4 °C
Frederick ReefQLD22.6 °C
Gannett CayQLD22.8 °C
GladstoneQLD20.1 °C
Gold Coast SeawayQLD20.4 °C
GoondiwindiQLD20.6 °C
Gove AirportNT20 °C
Gunnedah AirportNSW23.8 °C
HughendenQLD20.9 °C
Ivanhoe AirportNSW24.2 °C
JabiruNT23.8 °C
JervoisNT21.7 °C
KalumburaWA24 °C
KarrathaWA24.8 °C
Lady Elliot IslandQLD22 °C
Leigh CreekSA23.3 °C
LeinsterWA20.8 °C
Lockhart RiverQLD23.8 °C
LongreachQLD20.5 °C
Low IslesQLD24 °C
LucindaQLD24.5 °C
MandoraWA22.7 °C
Maningrida AirportNT21.3 °C
MardieWA21.9 °C
Marion ReefQLD23.1 °C
McArthur River MineNT20.2 °C
MeekatharraWA20.6 °C
Middle Percy IslandQLD21.9 °C
Middle PointNT21.9 °C
MilingimbiNT24.2 °C
MoreeNSW22 °C
Murrurundi GapNSW20.7 °C
Ngayawili Elcho IslandNT21.9 °C
NormantonQLD23.2 °C
NowraNSW20.5 °C
Onslow AirportWA20.9 °C
ParaburdooWA22.2 °C
PirlangimpiNT23.4 °C
Point FawcettNT24.2 °C
Point StuartNT24.2 °C
Port HedlandWA23 °C
RichmondQLD20.2 °C
RomaQLD22.1 °C
Roxby DownsSA22.5 °C
Rundle IslandQLD22.1 °C
SchergerQLD21.5 °C
Scone AirportNSW22.1 °C
St GeorgeQLD23.9 °C
Tamworth AirportNSW22.2 °C
The MonumentQLD23.2 °C
TindalNT23.8 °C
Town of 1770QLD21.1 °C
TownsvilleQLD20.4 °C
TrangieNSW20 °C
TrepellQLD24 °C
TruscottWA24.7 °C
UlladullaNSW21 °C
WalgettNSW24.6 °C
WeipaQLD22.3 °C
West RoebuckWA23.8 °C
White CliffsNSW23.5 °C
WilliamtownNSW20.7 °C
Willis IslandQLD24.2 °C
WintonQLD21.4 °C
WoomeraSA21.8 °C
YambaNSW21 °C
YancoNSW20.3 °C
YeppoonQLD22.4 °C
YularaNT23.3 °C

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