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Where is it raining in Australia?

Where is it raining in Australia?

Limit to: Whole of Australia | NSW | VIC | QLD | SA | WA | TAS | NT | ACT |

Time period: last 2 hours | last 12 hours | last 24 hours |

In the last 2 hours, the following places have received some rain (look for rows that are blue for places receiving the most 'intense' rain):

Weather StationStateRainTotal Rain since 9am1 todayIntensity Rating2
BellambiNSW0.2 mm in the 2 hours up to 1:40AM0.0 mm since 9am1
Cape NelsonVIC0.4 mm in the 2 hours up to 1:40AM0.0 mm since 9am3
Coconut IslandQLD0.4 mm in the 2 hours up to 1:40AM0.0 mm since 9am3
Devonport AirportTAS0.2 mm in the 20 minutes up to 1:50AM0.0 mm since 9am8
Eddystone PointTAS0.6 mm in the 1 hours up to 1:50AM0.0 mm since 9am6
Grafton AirportNSW0.2 mm in the 2 hours up to 1:40AM0.0 mm since 9am1
Keith WestSA0.2 mm in the 1 hours up to 1:20AM0.0 mm since 9am2
Portland AirportVIC0.4 mm in the 30 minutes up to 1:40AM0.0 mm since 9am10

1All times are the approximate local times for the places concerned

2The Intensity Rating is a rough guide/rating of rain intensity on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most intense rain with regard to the time period. Rain Intensity is calculated by dividing the amount of rain by the time over which that amount of rain was measured. Both values are subject to significant inaccuracy and so the Intensity Rating is just a visual guide to where in Australia it may be raining heaviest at the moment. Rows are also colourised to indicate intensity. The darker the blue the more intense the rain has been.

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