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Longest Roads in Western Australia

Longest Roads in Western Australia

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RoadStatesLength (km)[1]Highest PointLowest Point
Eyre Highwayin South Australia and Western Australia1670 km435 m2.28 m
Great Northern Highwayin Western Australia1590 km466 m0.54 m
Great Northern Highwayin Western Australia1570 km748 m1.94 m
North West Coastal Highwayin Western Australia1330 km287 m4.98 m
Anne Beadell Highwayin South Australia and Western Australia1120 km478 m161 m
Tanami Roadin Western Australia and the Northern Territory1010 km740 m302 m
Trans Access Roadin Western Australia and South Australia1000 km407 m95.6 m
Goldfields Highwayin Western Australia777 km597 m299 m
Great Central Roadin Western Australia764 km604 m377 m
Canning Stock Routein Western Australia685 km532 m275 m
Carnarvon Mullewa Roadin Western Australia658 km364 m14.9 m
Great Eastern Highwayin Western Australia591 km477 m3.25 m
South Coast Highwayin Western Australia580 km327 m-0.0429 m
Buntine Highwayin the Northern Territory and Western Australia569 km461 m120 m
Victoria Highwayin the Northern Territory and Western Australia557 km225 m8.12 m
Gunbarrel Highwayin Western Australia533 km541 m401 m
Canning Stock Routein Western Australia473 km404 m272 m
Aboriginal Business Roadin Western Australia and South Australia455 km424 m193 m
Ashburton Downs Meekatharra Roadin Western Australia441 km581 m229 m
Duncan Roadin Western Australia and the Northern Territory441 km439 m97.4 m
Marble Bar Roadin Western Australia433 km529 m29.1 m
Albany Highwayin Western Australia405 km372 m5.53 m
South Western Highwayin Western Australia396 km307 m7 m
Nanutarra Wittenoom Roadin Western Australia376 km656 m82.6 m
Brand Highwayin Western Australia367 km274 m3.97 m
Coolgardie Esperance Highwayin Western Australia365 km453 m7.78 m
Great Southern Highwayin Western Australia365 km398 m179 m
Kiwirrkurra Roadin Western Australia361 km490 m327 m
Canning Stock Routein Western Australia344 km652 m472 m
Gibb River Roadin Western Australia336 km532 m3.58 m
Geraldton Mount Magnet Roadin Western Australia335 km438 m18.4 m
Wapet Roadin Western Australia329 km358 m239 m
Gary Highwayin Western Australia325 km522 m325 m
Beringarra Pindar Roadin Western Australia323 km414 m282 m
Derby Gibb River Roadin Western Australia312 km548 m10.8 m
Sandy Blight Junction Roadin Western Australia and the Northern Territory290 km622 m432 m
Menzies Sandstone Roadin Western Australia278 km531 m372 m
Connie Sue Highwayin Western Australia276 km422 m208 m
Hyden Norseman Roadin Western Australia266 km437 m264 m
Hunt Oil Roadin Western Australia265 km485 m400 m
Kidson Trackin Western Australia263 km280 m81.2 m
The Midlands Roadin Western Australia262 km332 m24.6 m
Roebourne Wittenoom Roadin Western Australia261 km452 m18.5 m
Ullawarra Roadin Western Australia253 km461 m140 m
Balladonia Rawlinna Roadin Western Australia244 km193 m144 m
Carnarvon Meekatharra Roadin Western Australia244 km520 m365 m
Eagle Highwayin Western Australia237 km470 m402 m
David Carnegie Roadin Western Australia232 km542 m378 m
Rabbit Proof Fence Roadin Western Australia222 km423 m280 m
Paynes Find Sandstone Roadin Western Australia221 km539 m339 m

[1]Road length is an approximation only. Some roads are split into more than one part because they pass through a place where the road is differently named.

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