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Longest Roads in Queensland

Longest Roads in Queensland

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RoadStatesLength (km)[1]Highest PointLowest Point
Bruce Highwayin Queensland1670 km192 m1.57 m
Diamantina Developmental Roadin Queensland1340 km426 m72.6 m
Mitchell Highwayin Queensland and New South Wales1100 km1020 m103 m
Burke Developmental Roadin Queensland1030 km645 m1.8 m
Landsborough Highwayin Queensland1020 km476 m166 m
Kennedy Developmental Roadin Queensland926 km955 m152 m
Pacific Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland919 km233 m-2.39 m
New England Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland870 km1430 m1.21 m
Flinders Highwayin Queensland777 km560 m6.83 m
Castlereagh Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland773 km1070 m130 m
Barkly Highwayin Queensland and the Northern Territory755 km456 m193 m
Peninsula Developmental Roadin Queensland747 km546 m21.3 m
Gregory Developmental Roadin Queensland735 km608 m182 m
Warrego Highwayin Queensland715 km665 m3.69 m
Leichhardt Highwayin Queensland614 km413 m96.2 m
Capricorn Highwayin Queensland573 km559 m6.38 m
Burnett Highwayin Queensland537 km595 m9.44 m
Wills Developmental Roadin Queensland499 km127 m3 m
Gulf Developmental Roadin Queensland445 km798 m3.87 m
Carnarvon Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland428 km347 m158 m
Dawson Highwayin Queensland404 km447 m10 m
Diamantina River Roadin Queensland377 km163 m91.9 m
Bulloo Developmental Roadin Queensland361 km218 m95.3 m
Southern Bypass Roadin Queensland332 km175 m14.2 m
Newell Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland331 km604 m207 m
Cunningham Highwayin Queensland311 km787 m22.2 m
Thomson Developmental Roadin Queensland310 km235 m131 m
Cordillo Roadin Queensland and South Australia305 km96.1 m48 m
Moonie Highwayin Queensland294 km408 m203 m
Balonne Highwayin Queensland289 km234 m180 m
Birdsville Developmental Roadin Queensland278 km178 m34.7 m
Peak Downs Highwayin Queensland265 km411 m12.6 m
Bowen Developmental Roadin Queensland258 km394 m7.62 m
Aramac Torrens Creek Roadin Queensland247 km474 m220 m
Dawson Developmental Roadin Queensland245 km614 m258 m
Kennedy Highwayin Queensland242 km1140 m13 m
Adventure Wayin Queensland and South Australia239 km183 m48.9 m
Donohue Highwayin Queensland and the Northern Territory239 km188 m127 m
Fitzroy Developmental Roadin Queensland235 km258 m98.4 m
Mount Lindesay Highwayin Queensland and New South Wales230 km1120 m20.9 m
Winton Jundah Roadin Queensland227 km277 m172 m
Gregory Downs Camooweal Roadin Queensland220 km273 m81.5 m
Fitzroy Developmental Roadin Queensland219 km430 m81.1 m
Musgrave Strathgordon Roadin Queensland217 km227 m0.499 m
Coorabulka Roadin Queensland213 km169 m111 m
Hughenden Muttaburra Roadin Queensland207 km374 m211 m
Urandangi Roadin Queensland205 km259 m174 m
Gore Highwayin Queensland203 km652 m211 m
Charleville - Bollon Roadin Queensland202 km368 m196 m
Carnarvon Highwayin Queensland195 km579 m204 m

[1]Road length is an approximation only. Some roads are split into more than one part because they pass through a place where the road is differently named.

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