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Longest Roads in Australia

Longest Roads in Australia

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RoadStatesLength (km)[1]Highest PointLowest Point
Stuart Highwayin the Northern Territory and South Australia2710 km731 m9.32 m
Bruce Highwayin Queensland1670 km192 m1.57 m
Eyre Highwayin South Australia and Western Australia1670 km435 m2.28 m
Great Northern Highwayin Western Australia1590 km466 m0.54 m
Great Northern Highwayin Western Australia1570 km748 m1.94 m
Diamantina Developmental Roadin Queensland1340 km426 m72.6 m
North West Coastal Highwayin Western Australia1330 km287 m4.98 m
Anne Beadell Highwayin South Australia and Western Australia1120 km478 m161 m
Mitchell Highwayin Queensland and New South Wales1100 km1020 m103 m
Burke Developmental Roadin Queensland1030 km645 m1.8 m
Landsborough Highwayin Queensland1020 km476 m166 m
Tanami Roadin Western Australia and the Northern Territory1010 km740 m302 m
Barrier Highwayin New South Wales and South Australia1010 km609 m70.5 m
Trans Access Roadin Western Australia and South Australia1000 km407 m95.6 m
Sturt Highwayin South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales945 km384 m6.5 m
Kennedy Developmental Roadin Queensland926 km955 m152 m
Pacific Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland919 km233 m-2.39 m
New England Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland870 km1430 m1.21 m
Princes Highwayin New South Wales and Victoria861 km402 m-2.52 m
Princes Highwayin South Australia and Victoria814 km590 m-0.381 m
Flinders Highwayin Queensland777 km560 m6.83 m
Goldfields Highwayin Western Australia777 km597 m299 m
Castlereagh Highwayin New South Wales and Queensland773 km1070 m130 m
Great Central Roadin Western Australia764 km604 m377 m
Barkly Highwayin Queensland and the Northern Territory755 km456 m193 m
Peninsula Developmental Roadin Queensland747 km546 m21.3 m
Gregory Developmental Roadin Queensland735 km608 m182 m
Warrego Highwayin Queensland715 km665 m3.69 m
Canning Stock Routein Western Australia685 km532 m275 m
Silver City Highwayin New South Wales682 km321 m34.9 m
Central Arnhem Roadin the Northern Territory658 km281 m12.3 m
Carnarvon Mullewa Roadin Western Australia658 km364 m14.9 m
Murray Valley Highwayin Victoria and New South Wales643 km761 m53.4 m
Kidman Wayin New South Wales642 km320 m102 m
Oodnadatta Trackin South Australia618 km361 m-11 m
Leichhardt Highwayin Queensland614 km413 m96.2 m
Great Eastern Highwayin Western Australia591 km477 m3.25 m
South Coast Highwayin Western Australia580 km327 m-0.0429 m
Capricorn Highwayin Queensland573 km559 m6.38 m
Cobb Highwayin New South Wales and Victoria569 km138 m71.5 m
Buntine Highwayin the Northern Territory and Western Australia569 km461 m120 m
Gwydir Highwayin New South Wales563 km1200 m4.3 m
Victoria Highwayin the Northern Territory and Western Australia557 km225 m8.12 m
Burnett Highwayin Queensland537 km595 m9.44 m
Gunbarrel Highwayin Western Australia533 km541 m401 m
Wills Developmental Roadin Queensland499 km127 m3 m
Plenty Highwayin the Northern Territory498 km706 m169 m
Calder Highwayin Victoria and New South Wales497 km638 m36.8 m
Kamilaroi Highwayin New South Wales478 km442 m118 m
Canning Stock Routein Western Australia473 km404 m272 m

[1]Road length is an approximation only. Some roads are split into more than one part because they pass through a place where the road is differently named.

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