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Highest Mountains and Hills in the Northern Territory

Highest Mountains and Hills in the Northern Territory

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1Mount Zeil, NT1,497m
2Mount Edward, NT1,397m
3Mount Giles, NT1,366m
4Mount Sonder, NT1,297m
5Mount Razorback, NT1,262m
6Mount Hay, NT1,233m
7Mount Brassey, NT1,195m
8Brinkley Bluff, NT1,195m
9Mount Liebig, NT1,179m
10Paisley Bluff, NT1,169m
11Mount Mann, NT1,168m
12Mount Tate, NT1,159m
13Mount Laughlen, NT1,158m
14Mount William, NT1,148m
15Mount Chapple, NT1,141m
16Mount Cockburn, NT1,128m
17Mount Conway, NT1,121m
18Mount Palmer, NT1,115m
19Mount Palmer, NT1,110m
20Mount Leichhardt, NT1,105m
21Redbank Hill, NT1,098m
22Butler Dome, NT1,096m
23Mount Musgrave, NT1,095m
24Mount Thomas, NT1,086m
25Mount Riddoch, NT1,081m
26Mount Crawford, NT1,080m
27Mount Mabel, NT1,067m
28Haast Bluff, NT1,055m
29Mount Lloyd, NT1,055m
30Mount Larrie, NT1,051m
31Mount Pfitzner, NT1,037m
32Mount Heuglin, NT1,033m
33Mount Peculiar, NT1,032m
34Mount Campbell, NT1,023m
35Mount Stafford, NT1,023m
36Mount Strangways, NT1,022m
37Central Mount Wedge, NT1,018m
38Mount Carruthers, NT1,004m
39Mount Yambah, NT999m
40Mount Hastie, NT998m
41Mount Johnstone, NT992m
42Mount Freeling, NT990m
43Stevenson Peak, NT988m
44Bald Hill, NT985m
45Mount Gardiner, NT978m
46Mount Le Hunte, NT976m
47Mount Benstead, NT976m
48Mount Stirling, NT973m
49Mount Finniss, NT969m
50Mount Milton, NT961m

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