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Highest Mountains and Hills in Victoria

Highest Mountains and Hills in Victoria

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1Mount Bogong, VIC1,979m
2Mount Bogong Central, VIC1,936m
3Mount Feathertop, VIC1,903m
4Mount Nelse North, VIC1,882m
5Mount Nelse, VIC1,876m
6Mount Loch, VIC1,865m
7Mount Fainter South, VIC1,861m
8Mount Hotham, VIC1,857m
9Spion Kopje, VIC1,835m
10Mount McKay, VIC1,833m
11Mount Niggerhead, VIC1,826m
12Mount Cope, VIC1,824m
13Mount Fainter North, VIC1,817m
14Mount Cobberas Number 1, VIC1,814m
15Marm Point, VIC1,805m
16Hollonds Knob, VIC1,801m
17Mount Higginbotham, VIC1,797m
18Mount Jim, VIC1,787m
19Mount Buller, VIC1,773m
20Little Mount Feathertop, VIC1,754m
21Mount Wills, VIC1,747m
22Little Mount Higginbotham, VIC1,728m
23Mount Howitt, VIC1,727m
24Mount Bundara, VIC1,727m
25Mount Pinnibar, VIC1,727m
26Mount Stirling, VIC1,724m
27Mount Magdala, VIC1,719m
28Mount Gibbo, VIC1,716m
29The Bluff, VIC1,715m
30Mount Reynard, VIC1,708m
31Mount Clear, VIC1,693m
32King Billy No 1, VIC1,693m
33Mount Blowhard, VIC1,687m
34Little Spion Kopje, VIC1,685m
35The Twins, VIC1,684m
36Mount Lovicks, VIC1,683m
37The Horn, VIC1,678m
38Basalt Hill, VIC1,673m
39Mount Anderson, VIC1,666m
40Mount Eadley Stoney, VIC1,662m
41Mount Arthur, VIC1,657m
42Mount Wombargo, VIC1,655m
43The Hump, VIC1,652m
44Little Mount Bogong, VIC1,652m
45Mount Cobberas Number 2, VIC1,651m
46Mount Speculation, VIC1,648m
47Moscow Peak, VIC1,647m
48Picture Point, VIC1,636m
49Mount Freezeout, VIC1,634m
50Rams Horn, VIC1,626m

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