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Highest Huts in Australia

Highest Huts in Australia

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1Seamans Hut, NSW2,010m
2Blue Lake Hut, NSW1,982m
3Cootapatamba Hut, NSW1,931m
4Mawsons Hut, NSW1,816m
5Cleve Cole Memorial Hut, VIC1,779m
6Derrick Hut, VIC1,749m
7Mount Wills Hut, VIC1,747m
8Edmondson Hut, VIC1,735m
9Whites River Hut, NSW1,730m
10Diamantina Hut, VIC1,725m
11Cesjacks Hut, NSW1,713m
12Maddison Hut, VIC1,711m
13Fitzgerald Hut, VIC1,708m
14Federation Hut, VIC1,708m
15Roper Hut, VIC1,704m
16Kelly Hut, VIC1,695m
17Joyce Brockhoff Hut, VIC1,689m
18Pretty Valley Hut, VIC1,688m
19Cope Hut, VIC1,682m
20Valentine Hut, NSW1,673m
21Johnston Hut, VIC1,662m
22Cope Saddle Hut, VIC1,660m
23Quintet Mine Huts, VIC1,658m
24Blowhard Hut, VIC1,657m
25Spargo Hut, VIC1,653m
26Wallace Hut, VIC1,651m
27Young Hut, VIC1,650m
28O'Keefes Hut, NSW1,649m
29Tawonga Huts, VIC1,642m
30Michell Hut, VIC1,635m
31J B Plain Hut, VIC1,629m
32Wilkinson Lodge, VIC1,627m
33MUMC Hut, VIC1,625m
34Pryors Hut, NSW1,623m
35Harveys No 2 Hut, NSW1,616m
36Batty Hut, VIC1,602m
37Johnstons Hut, VIC1,599m
38Langfords Gap Hut, VIC1,599m
39CRB Hut, VIC1,577m
40Horse Camp Hut, NSW1,572m
41Bradleys Hut, NSW1,565m
42Mackeys Hut, NSW1,556m
43Weston Hut, VIC1,553m
44Howitt Hut, VIC1,545m
45Bogong Jack Hut, VIC1,544m
46Happys Hut, NSW1,528m
47Bill Ginn's Hut, NSW1,524m
48Doctor Phillips Hut, NSW1,505m
49Guys Hut, VIC1,502m
50Bluff Hut, VIC1,499m

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