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Picture relating to Goomaram Creek - titled 'Goomaram Creek State School, ca. 1934'

Goomaram Creek State School, ca. 1934

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1934
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Students standing next to the first Goomaram Creek State School. Back row, left to right: Audrey Mary Duncan, Jean Monica Duncan, Gloria Julia Duncan, Roy A. Fairweather, Bryson Emmerson (also known as Pat Eggerling), David S. Fairweather, Alexander Keith Duncan. Middle row, left to right: Anetha Mary Kennedy, Leatrice Joy Veronica Kennedy, Frederick J. Fairweather, Carmel Joan Duncan, Earl E. Nielsen. Front row, left to right: Graham Nielsen, Leo Stanford Dingle, Walter Charles Dingle.
Abercorn State School opened on 3 May 1927 with A.D. Watherston in charge. The tender of Mr. F.A. Pidgeon to erect the new state school at Abercorn was accepted in October 1931, and the work was completed in January 1932. A new site was selected and Mr. F. Costello paid £7.12.6. for the 5 acres. The original school building was removed from the old site to Goomaram Creek in order to become the Goomaram Creek State School. On 1 September 1939 a Calf Project Club came into operation with eight members. In September 1957 approval was given for the removal of the Cynthia School building to Abercorn to provide more classroom accommodation. Temporary classroom accommodation was provided in 1967 to provide for those children coming from the Wuruma Dam Project. (Information taken from: Internet database, retrieved 8 April 2005, from <>)

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Creeks (open in new window) photo collection.