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Picture relating to Palm Island - titled 'Entrance to the residential quarters on Palm Island, 1932'
Picture relating to Mount Isa - titled 'Mount Isa town buildings with the Court House on the left, ca. 1932'

Entrance to the residential quarters on Palm Island, 1932

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1932
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Fenced off area of the residents at Palm Island. Palm Island is 70 kilometres north-west of Townsville. The Indigenous settlement was established in 1918 after a cyclone blew away the Hull River reserve near Tully. Today (2006) Palm Island is an Aboriginal community with a population of about 4000. There is a supermarket, a butcher shop, bakery, clothing shop, a fish and chip shop, the hospital, and the police station. There is a small motel and a post office. A 15 seater plane flies from the airport to and from Townsville, 4 times a day from Monday to Saturday. There is also a ferry-boat service which makes the trip from Townsville to Palm Island and back again on Fridays and Sundays. It is very close to the Great Barrier Reef. (Information taken from Bwgcolman Community School Newsletter, 2004, retrieved 3 July 2006 from