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Picture relating to Shorncliffe - titled 'Oyster shed at Cabbage Tree Creek, Shorncliffe, Brisbane, 1900-1910'

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Oyster shed at Cabbage Tree Creek, Shorncliffe, Brisbane, 1900-1910

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1900
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View of an oyster shed in Cabbage Tree Creek at low tide. Children are sitting in trees by the banks of the creek, while the adults sit at the base of one of the trees near a small boat. Another boat is anchored in the creek.
Oyster sheds were postioned so as to be partially immersed at high tide to keep the oysters fresh.

Cabbage Tree Creek flows into a small estuary shared with Nundah Creek, before entering Moreton Bay between Sandgate and Boondall.

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