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Picture relating to Canungra - titled 'Canungra residence, Sarah Vale, ca. 1880'

Canungra residence, Sarah Vale, ca. 1880

contributed by QldPics, taken in 1880
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Henry Franklin's home, Sarah Vale, with shingle covered roof and cedar walls. In 1876 and area known as Surveyor's Pocket was open for selection and acquired by Franklin. The property was worked in conjunction with 'Fenwyke' and potatoes and maize were grown on ther fertile alluvial flats. The 1887 floods washed away much of the soil making it less suitable for small cropping. The people on the vernadah are: far left, Jane Franklin, Henry Franklin's third wife and at the far right of the photograph is Henry Franklin.(Information taken from E. Franklin, The Early Days of Canungra and Reminiscences. 1982.)