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Picture relating to Mount Bundy Station - titled 'Mount Bundy Station'
Picture relating to Banka Banka Outstation - titled 'Banka Banka Oringal Homestead'
Picture relating to Boondooma Historic - titled 'Boondooma Homestead - Heritage Listed in 1975'
Picture relating to Gregory Downs - titled 'De Lestang's store in Gregory Downs, Lawn Hill, ca. 1933'

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Mount Bundy Station

contributed by DougT, taken in March 1943
(contact DougT about this picture)

This grease trap gave the clue to what was going on here, 84 CB USNR , 84th Construction Battalion , United States Navy Reserves was the company that built this highly important WW2 site

This picture is also part of the Bonzle Military (open in new window) photo collection.